My Dirty Red Knickers!

I want to explain my title ^^^ “Superwoman and her dirty red knickers” ……

First of all I am not nor will I ever be kinky but congrats to you if you are!

Secondly, I am very capable of doing my own washing, including any red underwear that I may or may not own, so it is not actually dirty.

And thirdly, this is not a blog with pics of me in my underwear, that is something that you will never, ever see – and you should be grateful!!! Not is it hotties in red underwear. There is actually no red knickers at all!

So if you have stumbled across this blog with a google search of indecent intentions then you may leave … now 🙂

Well, so what is this all about then you may well be asking?! Well, as a working mother of five, with a husband who works away, I am sometimes referred to as a Superwoman. It’s a title that isn’t limited to having five kids or to having kids at all but is reserved for women who seem to juggle (effortlessly) a busy life. So I am busting the myth on this! It’s like an urban legend gone wrong that actually makes it harder for women to be women. “Dirty red knickers” simply means ‘our dirty little secret’…. ‘Airing our dirty laundry’… All in a very light-hearted way with a comedic intentions but I’m sure it will offend someone. After all you can’t say much these days without someone taking offence!

This is the candid truth about being a “Superwoman” in all its faulty glory! A journey of motherhood, of being a wife, to dealing with body insecurities and the urge to keep up with the ‘other’ Superwomen. This is a campaign run by myself for myself to quit beating up on myself! I am learning to give this Superwoman more supernatural bear hugs instead of whacks with the perfection bat! Put. The. Bat. Down. Now. Ladies!

One love,


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