Social Media is Ruining Our Lives

Good intentions. Do you always have good intentions especially when your almost three-year-old goes down for his lunchtime nap? Good intentions involving housework,

Do you always have good intentions especially when your almost three-year-old goes down for his lunchtime nap? Good intentions involving housework, exercise and spending a bit of time on your passion – mine being drawing house plans and writing. Do those good intentions go by the wayside because social media gets in the way?

Does your “quick” scan of what’s happening in the online world turn into hours of brain-numbing scrolling, occasional laughing, a few ahhs and many more ridiculous faces that the owners of those statuses can’t see or hear?  Then your time is up. The almost three-year-old is awake and it’s school run time. No housework was completed, no writing of the novel done and there was definitely no yoga on the lounge room floor. Hell, you didn’t even make it into your active wear…

That afternoon, as you look around your home, you promise yourself tomorrow will be different. Just like tonight when you go to bed you’ll promise yourself your diet will be different too…


Do you find yourself following all these fitness blogs and diet pages? Paleo, lite n’ easy, Ashy Bines, Kayla Itsines? Social media is the platform for many of these. This is the best form of advertising. Yet social media is the biggest distraction of all. Do you sit there and watch the exercise videos or scroll through the foods? Note: sitting there watching someone else exercising does not have the same benefits as doing them yourself – yep, tried and tested. And damn those foods just make you hungry and you just want any food to get in your belly.

The most productive time of my life was when I deactivated Facebook. Two whole months of productivity. It was awesome but things stopped functioning too. How do you survive without social media when that’s where all your events are – the ones you’re attending and hosting. It’s also where your business and charity pages are which would not exist without a personal page and where you share your blogs. It’s a catch 22.

Is social media taking up too much space in our lives? What do you think?

One love,

DRK xxx



One thought on “Social Media is Ruining Our Lives

  1. Eleanor Mulder says:

    Oh my God. This is such a timely post for me. I am currently on a one week experimental break from Facebook due to a severe case of Information Overload Disease. I constantly feel bombarded with articles, opinions, advertising, how to’s, don’t do’s, do do’s and can you believe its. I’m OVER IT. My brain needs a rest. As if I don’t have enough going on with writing a book, an editing business, a blog, a part time day job and two toddlers. Arrrrgh. But I’ll probably be back on again next week. LOL. xx


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