This One Goes Out To All Super Mums

What’s on your Mothers Day wish list this year? Mine is the same every year, let’s break it down:

1) Sleep in … 

2) Breakfast in bed …

3) Children getting along … Yes all day!

4) A quiet toilet break … Yes every single one!

5) A cleanish house …

Ok so it’s only 7am there’s still time for some of these to happen but considering I’ve been up for an hour already we can definitely cross wish 1 off the list.

Wish 5 is also a write off with four out of five of my offspring out for the count and filled with snot. The fifth child ( the eldest and the only girl and yes these two things mean a lot when we discuss cleanliness) is away at camp.

So far wish 3 is actually happening minus the two year old tantrums but he’s having them with me so technically he’s still conforming to the list. This wish is the big one it is also a highly unreasonable one that will most likely only come true when they are fully fledged adults. Maybe.

That leaves 2 and 4. Breakfast in bed when there’s no adult to supervise – was an unrealistic wish in the first place. And finally, toilet breaks alone …. meh it’s a silly one anyway…. Good mums will sneak off to the toilet, great mums can multitask – pee, yell from the loo and break up world war three in the lounge room.

Good mums will also get you an ice cream from the ice cream van but great mums tell you that when the music plays they’re all out of ice cream.

Good mums make and bake and they let you lick the cake beaters, great mums turn them off first.

Good mums make sure you eat “well” most of the time, great mums don’t pump your stomach when you eat your boogers.

Good mums will raise you, support you and be there for you regardless of your age. Great mums will send you their bill for the nursing home.

Good mums will kick your arse into line when needed, great mums will kick anyone else’s arse who messes with you!

Our Mums, our Superhereos, come in all shapes and sizes – and most of them will be hard on themselves about it – so today tell her how perfect she is to you. How amazed you are that her body grew and carried you into the world so that you could be here today. As a complete human being.

Every Mum has her own quirks and passions and yes that includes your Mother in laws too. Without those MILs in the world you’d be without your partner, the father of your children. Mums run their households, their children (and husbands) the best way they know how. They may nag and get frustrated from time to time but they love you more then they could ever love anyone else. That is for certain.

Mothers are there when you wake up, they are there when you go to sleep and according to my five year old Mums cover you in big sloppy kisses. He loves it really.

If your Mum is not here with you today remember, and it’s true, that she is always with you. Mothers never leave us. You only have to touch your belly button or feel your heartbeat to know at one point in your life this is what connected you to her and to life. It still does. It always will.

My own Mum is my best friend. We’ve come a long way to get there, it wasn’t always the case. Now when I talk to her about the “ins and outs” of my life she just grins and bears it. She supports me, feeds me, nurtures my children which in turn nurtures me. She turns off the cake beaters, she teaches me how to be a better person, wife, mother. She teaches me to love and accept myself and just nods and smiles when I go off on one of my tangents. She also reads my blog, swear words and all. In fact, she probably taught me to swear!

So if you love your Mums put your hands up! Now go, take those hands and do something nice for her, hug her, tell her you love her face-to-face as well as on Facebook. Look up to the sky if she has passed away and hand on heart talk to her. Whatever you say to her in this moment is also said to yourself. Rub your belly if you’re  pregnant coz you will never been more connected to a person than you are right now. If your belly is empty and you’ve wanted it full rub your heart, it hurts I know. Scratch those fur babies if they make you a Mummy their love is always unwavering. Adopted, surrogate, same sex mothers. Every woman deserves extra love today. 

Spread the love. Happy Mother’s Day.

One love

DRK xxx

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