The Bali Nine – It’s Over

It’s blindingly confronting hearing all the stories, all the discussions, all the arguments in the Bali nine case. I, as does the rest of the world it appears, have an opinion. Here it is:

It is sad that these two men were shot and killed. It is sad that their families are in pain. It is sad that they were given ten years to rehabilitate into different, perhaps decent, men, but I don’t know that I’ve never met them. It is sad that their choices got them killed (yes an execution is still murder) and it is saddest of all that their families are left in mourning. But Australia in it’s entirety does not mourn. I am not mourning them. Innocent men I mourn. Innocent children I mourn. I mourn the fact there wasn’t a more humane way to execute them, to end their lives by law. Why does is have to be such a bloody mess. Death is death but surely there is a different way. A lethal injection perhaps. A pill where you just won’t wake up in the morning.

All of it is sad but it is also the Indonesian Law. As it is in China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates. It has been in place for long enough for people to know. It should not come as a shock to expect the death penalty if you smuggle drugs in these countries and are caught. You will be executed and that is the law no matter how tough or unfair we think that is. It doesn’t matter that child sex offenders and rapists don’t get the same treatment even though we all probably feel that this should definitely be the case. It absolutely should be the case in my eyes but yet murder is murder, right.

Those mourning the loss of these rehabilitated drug smugglers vow and declare to boycott Bali. Why? The only reason you should boycott Bali is if you plan on smuggling drugs and don’t want to be shot for doing so. The Balinese people have put up with Australian people for years. Their drunk, disrespectful behaviour. Their self righteousness. Their diva ways. The Balinese people have done nothing wrong to be vilified like this. They know their laws and yes, many of them break them, but they know the consequences, they accept them.

You are mourning just these two men but what about the other 7 of the Bali Nine? Do you know their names? Why do you mourn these two, the two who were the ringleaders? The ones who have contributed to the pain heroin has inflicted in our country. On our people. Ruined many lives. Isn’t it an injustice, based on our judicial system, that the other 7 will remain locked up for 20 years to life? What about their families? More tragically lets think of those in Nepal. So many INNOCENT lives lost. So much heartbreak and sadness. Light your candles and think of these people.This is real sorrow. Embrace and welcome the miracles of survival.

Look around our own neighbourhood. Mourn for those desperately trying to have a child spending years and fortunes with no success.  What about the children here that are fighting cancer? Terminal illnesses? Debilitating disabilities? Where is the funding and media attention for the men and women fighting for our country? Where are their human rights and why are you not fighting for them or holding candlelight vigils for their pain and suffering? These children, these families, these men and women are the heroes in our lives. Not convicted drug smugglers.

It’s time to let these two men go. Mourn for their families but move on. It’s over.

One love

DRK xxx

An infant's cry heard from the rubble

The heroes are here – the bare hands who rescued this 4 month old. Hands of strangers fighting for life. This is inspirational. This is a miracle.

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