Week One is OVER!

Yesterday was the last day of my first week on this diet….

And I survived!

I survived through a birthday celebration that made me feel sad. I survived through our one takeaway night each week. I survived through all the afternoon teas the kids had, the yummy smell of toast cooking in the morning, the amazing looking wedges of Saltdish that my friend ate in front of me, the daily coffees I missed and yesterday, finally, the luncheon with my Mumma Bear and Godmumma.

It proves to me that I can overcome the emotional eating, the habitual eating, the social eating and the oh-my-God-they-look-amazing eating. I survived all of those! I can also say “no” to people offering me food without being struck by lightning. Amaze-balls!!

This new week, week two, brings a new set of challenges. The traveling-and-away-from-home challenge as well as my sons 2nd birthday must-eat-cake challenge. The diet I am on is quite strict and any slight variations or deviations will stop the daily weightloss (need I remind you of the fucking almonds). So being on the road and away from home, Tuesday and Wednesday may be challenging but here’s the plan…. Not perfect but life isn’t….

I am going to make my meals for both lunches that I will be away for. I will pack my protein snacks for my mid morning and arvo teas and I will share a normal dinner with my Aunty and family. I will say no to wine. I will not kick my own arse when I weigh in heavier and I will just get back to the plan.

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