Day 4 – 3.3kg (7.2ishlbs) down

Alright so my three days of *protein only* are officially over …. Yay!!! Today I can’t tell you how excited I am to have salad on the menu! I was staaaarrrrrvvvving this morning and I had a fasting ultrasound so I couldn’t eat until 8:30 – which is a long time when you’ve been up since 5:30 *cue shaking* I’ve been a bit of a weakling – definitely not pushing out any burpees that’s for sure!!

So let’s be honest here I’m not feeling fabulous ….. Not yet anyway! But I did do a big shimmy when I got off the scales this morning! 3.3kg – hit my first goal in three days – noice!! Yes I know it’s fluid blah-di-blah but the numbers are heading south and that makes me happy. Yep it motivates me.

Day 5 tomorrow – I’m thinking this will be the turnaround day of how I’m feeling…. Anyone else on a weightloss journey? Want to share your success or your epic wagon fall? I’ve had plenty of falls so don’t worry I’m not here to judge! X

One love
DRK xxx

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