Don’t Miss Me While I’m Gone

I am going on a mini-getaway! I am flying the coop and I am leaving the children in charge of the husband … I’ve told him just to roll with the punches. I will probably come home and find him tied to a tree, house trashed and the kids running wild and free! But thats ok coz I am getting away! I am having a break and I am going with friends who are also NOT bringing their children.

So, what are you going to do without me for a few days? Probably nothing different then you normally do. I wonder if you’ll even notice that I’ve gone BUT I thought I’d still come and say goodbye. I haven’t even packed my bags – hell I don’t even care if I come home in the same outfit I left in!

Now a little warning: if you see distress smoke or SOS signals from Australia it’ll just be my husband reaching out for help … Don’t help him, seriously, he will survive! Hope the kids run amok 🙂


See you Sunday Superwomen!

One love

DRK xx

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