Tickle your Pickle

What is it that floats your boat? You know like tickles your fancy, pops your corn, milks your goat???

Is it travel? Dirty sex with men who don’t speak your language? Is it asking Siri stupid questions and laughing at her random replies… I know it’s a bit sad but who needs to hire friends (coz people do that – don’t they?) when you got a talking phone who won’t drop the f-bomb know matter how much you beg her to and then you try to irritate the shit out of her just so says a naughty word, just one! But she doesn’t coz she’s a pretty patient chick sure she lacks personality but she’s entertaining all the same. In fact after some persistence the kids and I did get her to sing a song once (she’s tone deaf by the way) I haven’t been able to get her to do it again though – stubborn bitch.

But it’s no surprise after my last few posts that I am still looking for my zing. I’m looking for that thing that tickles my pickle well if I had one that is! If I had to whittle it down to my three top loves (not including kids, hubbie, family, friends etc etc) I would have to say the three top ‘things’ I love are 1) houses (anything and everything to do with them), 2) writing (all genres and styles) and 3) yoga. I really, really love hot yoga. I don’t do it anymore but I love it – dumb right?!

Besides drawing a gazillion house plans these three things that I apparently love I don’t give time to. These three loves are things that I feel passionate towards. I feel drawn to, I connect with and these three things make me feel full. Content. Me.

So why don’t I do these things more often? Why aren’t these a part of my daily life? Well because I let “life” and fear get in the way. There’s always dishes to do, coffee dates to be had, kids to occupy, kids to occupy (yes I intentional said that twice) and never enough time to explore the things I love, that fill me with passion and give me oomph! Yes, I am busy as I discussed in a recent post “Working Shit Out” but I am also full of excuses or shit as others would say.

Now, what am I going to do about it? I can opt for the doing nothing and continue walking around feeling a little pissed off, helping others, occupying kids, cleaning things that just get dirty again ORRRRRR I could do all of those things but with do it with joy AFTER I have fulfilled my needs! Now my scaredy cat insides needs to pack their shit and leave while I take steps forward to do these things!

Go forth Superwomen – do what you love, do it often and do it so you don’t go stir crazy!

One love
DRK xxx

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