The Moment My Son Went Missing

It was five in the afternoon. I was on the phone to my husband putting bids on auction items online for him before time ran out. My 13 year old and 11 year old boys were looking after my 2 year old.

My hubbie and I spent about 12 minutes on the phone which is a record for us – normally we will talk for 1 or 2 minutes while he is away at work because my husband is not a phone person. Mind you our record breaking conversation this day was all about timber, cables and ladders which was broken up by my two year trying to steal the phone so he could talk to his Daddy.

I yelled to the big boys to come and get him so I could finish up on the phone, they did and I finally had peace. A few minutes later all was done, all was quiet. Closing down my laptop screen I noticed my 13 years old feet dangling over the lounge and so I asked “Is D there with you?” “No” he said dismissively. I stood up. Heart beating a little faster as I noticed the back door open. Calming I saw my 11 year old outside so I asked him “Is D with you?” “Nope” he said dismissively. I ran to the edge of the patio and scanned the backyard – empty…. Then I saw the side gate was open. I screamed at the big boys to get up and look for D as a sick feeling settled in my stomach. With my parents living next door there was a big chance that’s where he was but as I ran towards the side gate I saw the front gate was open too… Again I screamed out totally unaware I was doing so. I ran to my parents back door hearing voices and there sitting up at the breakfast table eating banana lollies was my little D.

15 seconds of my life was all he was missing for but the ‘what ifs’ had me reeling for hours. How do those whose children go missing ever get rid of that feeling? That sinking sickening feeling. The dread, the pain, the sadness. I’m the lucky one. Nothing bad came from my minutes of distraction and I am lucky that he wondered safely next door and wasn’t more inquisitive of the open front gate.

How do you move on? How would you ever stop looking? But I guess that’s the only motivation to keep going, the search. Searching for clues, answers and reasons why. I can see now why parents of missing children never give up. You just couldn’t. Regrets and hindsight – two very painful things.

One love
DRK xxx

This little boy is still missing.

Please bring him home to his parents.

William Tyrell

William disappeared from the balcony of his grandmother’s home in Benaroon Drive, Kendall, at 10:30am on September 12. Police said he disappeared in a five-minute window while playing alongside his sister.

The house where William was last seen is directly across the road from the Kendall State Forest, about 35km south of Port Macquarie. William has dark hair and hazel eyes and was last seen wearing a Spider-Man costume.

(Information courtesy of

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