Meaning of Life

I came here today to write as I do most days. But today what I wanted to write about had no words, no reason, it made no sense. I became frustrated because I wanted to put a positive spin on things but I’m not feeling it right now.

I want to know what becomes the meaning of life when you receive a death sentence, a timeframe of how long you have left in this world? How fair does that feel? How raw, confusing, frustrating and mean!

Are we here simply to experience Groundhog Day – work, home, sleep? Are we supposed to give all that up and live off the land and give away all our materialistic attachments? Should we spend our life ticking things off our bucket lists to fulfill what working cannot…. Is this the meaning of life?

We live in fear. We lack confidence. We focus on mundane shit usually in the name of vanity and I am speaking for myself. We devote ourselves to self-improvement when we are all already selfish enough. What is the meaning of this life?

It’s not me who has to wonder these things for real but I still feel mad and so incredibly sad that this is happening to someone I know. In fact it’s happening to people all around the world – maybe even someone you know.

So I ask again just one last time with genuine confusion…. What is the meaning of life?

One love
DRK xxx

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