I’ve Evolved

I started blogging in November 2013 and honestly, I can’t believe it has been that long already because essentially I still feel like a newbie. So, in light of my ‘blogging experience’ I decided to take myself back to the beginning to see where it all began for me and I re-read some of my earliest posts……… Wow I was mild-mannered new blood wasn’t I?! Now I’ve turned into a foul mouthed whining bitch who really loves giving life some real potty mouth curry!

I laughed as I saw my first swearing post came with a language warning. Now I might as well warn you when I don’t swear coz you’d probably be shocked and bored out of your brain with my sweet words or maybe I’d actually get more traffic and have more chances of being freshly pressed if I sanitised my mouth (or keyboard). I can guarantee this post will not be Freshly Pressed …. Wait for it …..

I’ve gone from the pretty 2013 language of ‘sheesh’, ‘little suckers‘ and ‘friggin’ to a whole lot of motherfucking-mother-fucking-shit in 2014/15!

I’m not embarrassed in fact I fucking love it! Evolution at its fucking finest in my opinion!! I came here to be real. To be honest about the Superwoman that I am or that I am not and while I may not have this trash mouth permanently out in the real world sometimes I have these types of obscenities running through my mind consistently.


52950_Superwoman and her Dirty Red Knickers




Thanks for joining me in the process of this Superwomans evolution!

One love

DRK xxx

8 thoughts on “I’ve Evolved

  1. bernquist says:

    Haha poop curry! Wonderful read! I recently did the same thing. I started blogging in December of 2013 and went back to read some of my original posts the other day. I was alarmed to find that I wrote a piece about a linoleum pet squirrel and another about a mule that wallowed in watermelon rinds all day! There is something wrong with my mind.


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