Don’t let superstition fail you!

With the New Year and the associated resolutions there always seems to be a little bit of pressure, occasionally a little disappointment and a whole lot of superstition attached. What I’ve learnt is that nothing magically happens when the clock ticks over to 12:00am on the 31st December of any year but that isn’t to say that magic doesn’t happen. There is usually cheering, somebody kissing, party poppers and squealing and there is always a proposal somewhere in the world. That in itself is magic.

Our resolutions do not magically happen though. We have to make them happen throughout the next 365 days. The first of those 365 days is not a test. If you break your resolutions on day 1 does that mean you have failed for the entire year? Hell NO! You only fail if you give up right then and there. If you don’t learn, don’t laugh at yourself, don’t find a sneaky way to justify it and then move on to succeed those resolutions.

So why on New Years day, the 1st of January 2015 would I be ok-ing broken resolutions …… Maybe it’s because I have already broken three of mine … Yep, I said three and I said it out loud for you all to hear and judge but guess what? I haven’t finished the year yet so there is still time to master them. I didn’t get my magic wand out and beat myself with it for failing 12 hours into my new year because every morning is a new beginning. Hell every minute, every second is a chance to redeem yourself, am I right?!

So here they are, my first attempts and they weren’t quite mastered but who learnt to walk after taking their first step, right?

NY resolution first fail – I had a hash brown, eggs on toast and two lattes for breakfast – I know shoot me right? And can you guess which resolution I broke? The permanent fixture on my resolution list – to lose weight! If its a permanent fixture that means I didn’t learn the year before or the year before that so I’m scrapping that one off my list for good! Instead I’m going to flip it and turn it into a new branded resolution: ‘To gain health, a flatter stomach, killer legs and a tight arse!” Sounds better already!

NY resolution second fail – I text while I was out for coffee with my girlfriends even though I vowed and declared my phone would remain tucked away so I would be completely present for my conversations with my friends – out of sight out of mind. But guess what? I was texting (the only form of communication a teenager knows) happy new year messages to my daughter – she was totally worth the resolution break up for that moment of connection. Phone is now on silent and hidden while I am present with you all 😉

NY resolution third fail – was to wake up to a clean house … I know I really need to get a life if this is a top three resolution but living in an uncluttered and tidy house is important to me. Well this morning I didn’t wake up to a spotless house. There are dishes on my sink and toys on the floor but guess what? Yes, I can totally justify this one too … I have dirty champagne glasses, cheese platters on the sink and toys on the floor because I spent  last night with my closest friends and their children. We had laughter fill the house and even though we didn’t make it to midnight I still spent my last day of 2014 with friends who walked with me throughout the last year.

And so there you have it! My own confessions. But even though I’ve broken them already doesn’t mean they get thrown in the trash. It just means I get to learn on my very first day of 2015. Learn that a very fried and lifeless hash brown does not nourish me or make me glow with vitality. It also did not make my tummy get flatter, the killer legs to appear or help tighten my arse! I’ve learnt that I will put my phone on silent and leave it in my bag so that I am present with friends regardless of whether we are talking about world issues or the colour of our kids poo BUT that my children will always come first and that is ok too. And finally, I’ve learnt that laughter and friendship wins out over a clean house any day, of any week, of any year!

Now, tell me your NY resolutions! I have plenty more that I looking forward to sharing, breaking and learning from and others that are set in stone – like not pulling my knickers out of my (newly tight) butt in public or more seriously not texting while driving! Yes, shamefully, on the odd occasion I did this in 2014. There is no message or phone call that is ever as important as the special cargo in my car or even the life of a stranger. So pull over peeps or wait til you arrive to hashtag, text or tweet!

So I leave you today, the first day of this new year with a message – dream big, learn smart and share the Superwoman real love 🙂

DRK xxx

Two resolutions off my list (for the full version see below ;-)):

1. To write more memories to go in this years pages of my “Memory Jar” book.

2. To write in my Gratitude Journal every day! Even if it’s just one thing I am grateful for!

2015 summarised into two simple, yet powerful words ...  Memories & Gratitude xxx

2015 summarised into two simple, yet powerful words …
Memories & Gratitude xxx

‘i resolve’ top 30: kind to myself eat cake at every birthday party even if there’s one every day of the week add cold water to the sink when washing the dishes – i no longer need to prove i can handle hotter water then my husband

4.never, ever text while driving ever again – no ifs, buts or maybes

5.kiss my husband more – time to get over my fear of germs pretty sure we swapped DNA while making babies!

6.write down more memories for my jar this year – i sucked in 2014

7.write in my Gratitude Diary every day – even if it’s just one thing and even if i technically remember in the early hours of the next morning learn to sing – well to, at least, hold a little bit of a tune! work towards a flatter tummy, killer legs and a tight arse. no scale is going to tell me that save for our new house, new furniture, new way of living

11.put myself out there and not be frightened of rejection or judgement judge others less get back to yoga – downward dog here i come oh how i’ve missed you

14.explore melbourne and be grateful for the opportunity to be there reconnect with old disconnected but loved friendships not use my phone while hanging with friends or family – be present in every conversation and moment

17.say no when i really want to say no. saying yes and holding resentment is not what 2015 holds for me

18.write more. even if its just a 25 word post every day just keep the creative juices flowing! more. helps with the creatives juices needed above!

20.listen more. gives more information to those said creative juices!

21.charge full price for every client. passion won’t pay for the new house. i am worth every dollar a new business venture – something to do with my writing! brainstorm time!!

23.honour failure. you are not really failing if you are learning and trying again with a different technique

24.declutter. if you don’t need it or love it then get rid of it!

25.complete the tough mudder in under 3 hours & 30 minutes

26.take time to mediate, walk, deep breath or lock myself in a cupboard until i’ve calmed down

27.improve my posture. slouching is bad for your health and self confidence

28.wear shorts during summer no matter how bright white my legs are

29.validate my children and husband when they need it

30.listen to music every day. it completes me.

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