5 Truths and 1 Porky Pie

So I read a blog some time ago about another blog they’d read some time ago that contained 5 truths and 1 lie. On further examination of this brilliant concept I discovered that it is actually a game – a very popular (and old) game! Where have I been and how big is this rock I’ve been hiding under!?!!!!


This truth/lie game is obviously  one I have never played and I can tell you now that I would totally suck at it! Why? Coz I am the worlds worst liar! My cheeks flush into a beetroot red, I fidget, my voice quivers and I freak out about eye contact….. Is it too much or not enough – yep I look like a shady kind of character – except of course if my husband asks if I am wearing a new top …. “What? This old thing!”


Anyway….. So after reading the blog about the other blog I decided that writing my own blog about a lie sounded like fun AND was something I might even get away with since you can’t see my red cheeks and shifty eyes! As a bonus it’s a clever little way to interact with followers – so interact ok?!! OK so its decided I am going to copy participate in this whole lying thing – lets see how deceiving I can be and lets get this polygraph rolling…………..


Truth or Porky Pie #1

I freak out just thinking about having a bath with anyone – including myself because real (or imaginary) germs/floaties terrify me. A phobia born from my brother wiping a boogie on me in a pool many years ago.

Truth or Porky Pie #2

I was in love with my first boyfriend for over three years but only spoke to him twice. He bought me a charm bracelet for my birthday wrapped in silver heart paper that I kept for years until I found out his Mum had made him use it.

Truth or Porky Pie #3

I dressed up in a wedding dress when I was 8 and appeared in TV commercial for a local toyshop. We got paid with ice creams.

Truth or Porky Pie #4

I  hate the Australian summer! Flies, scorching heat and sweat dripping between my legs (or under my boobs for us busty girls!) Give me a cold, snuggly winter any day!

Truth or Porky Pie #5

I vacuum at least twice a day. Why not? I like it. It’s fun and offers instant results but it also drowns out the noise of the many children I have. Vacuuming is cool ok!!


Now go! Decide! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? Which is the lie? Winner gets ….. um a TM5 Thermomix! Ok I’m kidding you actually get nothing just the rights of being the winner! Go on guess!!!


One love

DRK xxx