Play. STOP. Rewind

So I’m driving along the other day and I have my favourite song profoundly and loudly on repeat. I am listening to it over and over again because I am trying to remember the lyrics. I desperately want to be able to sing along to it – covertly and in private behind the steering wheel where I know I am really, really good!!! …. Good like Brittany not Adele. Realistically, I do know that I am not driving a bullet proof, sound proof, idiot proof FWD. Realistically, I know people have ears, can hear me and will either be dying from laughter or dying from the deadly noise coming from inside the piece of metal that I just drove past in! I’m pretty certain the neighbourhood dogs bark every time I beatbox it down the street but hey, they’re only barking coz they can’t hit the high notes like me!

Anyway …

I’m driving along. I’m getting frustrated coz I just can’t seem to sing all the words right – most definitely not frustrated because of not being able to hit a few of the bigger notes! So I hatched a foolproof plan which I undertook the minute I stepped in the door. GOOGLE! Yep, that was the plan! Google those damn lyrics and memorise every last fucken word. Words are important when you are trying to harmonise and sing like Beyonce! Words are even more important when you are trying to convey a message! Quite like the message from my childhood experience that I can’t seem to shake. One that brings great tears of joy to the members of my family and its of me singing along to my one of my Dads favourite songs by Paul Young – of course while we were all in the car on our way somewhere very far, far away. So the song went a little like this “Every time you go away…. You take a piece of me with you.” Pretty simple hey?! My version though? Sing it with me, please, if you know the tune … “Every time you go away…. You take a piece of meat with you.” Clearly I was pretty on to it even back then …. And clearly I was pretty freaking hungry! Pass the girl a steak burger … Puh-lease!!!!

Back to the story ….. Googling…… Paloma Faith – ‘Only love can hurt like this’

So with super speed wi-fi I’ve got the words on my Macbook screen before I even had time to get the song playing out of my iPhone and through to my wireless Bose speaker. But and its a big but … it doesn’t work! Well the technological stuff did but the screen-sing-along-system did not work for me! And then I remembered! Play. Stop. Rewind….. Do you remember before the iPhone, bloody Google and the super quick wi-fi even existed there was a much more difficult yet totally committed way to find out what the hell your favourite songs were truly singing about!

Yes the old Play. Stop. Rewind! To get the privilege of those three actions you had to devote yourself to sitting by the stereo with your cassette already rewound and waiting for the Top 40 countdown. No wee breaks, no leaving to eat your tea or put out the fire your brother started because if you did – sure enough the song you had been waiting for would be aired, you’d miss hitting ‘Record’ and would have to wait til next Friday nights countdown! So you’re waiting… Waiting… Waiting… You have a few false alarms of songs that start alike and then … BAM…. IT’S ON!!! You press record! You sing along, poorly but with confidence because you know it’s only a matter of time before you would have those lyrics sussed. Once that song finished playing you got to work. Pen and paper in hand. Play ….. STOP ….. Rewind …. Play ….. STOP ….. Rewind… Over and over and over again until you had worked out that ‘meat’ was indeed ‘me’ and that actually probably made way more sense! You’ve been through the song a billion times by then and have firmly ingrained every line of the song so when you finally get to the end you know it like you had written the lyrics yourself! Now that is commitment! And that is why Google didn’t work for me.

Someone get me a pen and paper! Get me a stereo! And get me my favourite song please!!!

One love,
DRK xxx

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