Can the REAL Superwoman please stand up!

Life changes in so many ways for most of us. For some it’s just simply about ‘growing up’ for others it’s having to completely change their lives because they have to and sometimes people change because they want to be somebody else. Somebody richer, skinnier, more successful – kind of like playing pretend celebrity.

You know the type? Surely we all have friends like this in our lives. The ones who portray their life to be like the rich and famous. The ones you’ve known forever yet suddenly they’ve developed a posh kind of accent – though they’ve never even left the country. They are also the ones who think you’ve got to fake it until you make it which is a little bit funny but completely insanely infuriating because along with the accent comes a fakeness that is a pill that’s hard to swallow. There’s nothing more attractive and more richly fulfilling in life than being the real version of yourself – warts and all. So I ask all of my Superwomen to be proud and let the REAL superness stand out.

Put away the “perfect” body, the “perfect wealth”, “the perfect marriage” and the “perfect kids”. Take yourself off that god dammed pedestal you think you have to be on because we know who you are behind the many masks you wear and the pretty pictures you paint. We know this isn’t real and it must be eating away your insides. It can’t be deeply and wholly fulfilling to live life this way. None of it is real and the person we enjoy most is the one who is natural, without the posh accent, but the Superwoman with the real laugh, the real smile, the real life – this is the woman we can relate to. This is the person we’ve loved from the beginning of our friendships and we can see her growing further and further away as she is hidden deeper and deeper underneath things, materialistic stuff, falseness and pretend facades. Call this bitchiness, call it an intervention, call it what you will.

Life is what it is and while we can all strive to be better, to live better, to improve our relationships with our partners, friends and children; taking ownership of the good, the bad and the intensely ugly moments in all those areas of our lives is the process of leading a fulfilling lifetime! So dust that glitter and fake gold off your cape – you are as wonderful as you are and there is no need to be someone you’re not!

One love,
DRK xxx