Devils Holiday House

School holidays. Such an awesome time in every mothers life. The most wonderful and nurturing time between a parent and child. So many Superwomen are in unison raving about how great these 8 weeks are, how they have so much more time to do lots of fun stuff together, enjoying their family time and proving it with photos and photos of happy faces, wonderful moments. Now with school holidays coming to an end joy is turning to sadness…. There is a bake-off happening around Oz with gourmet lunches and snacks being prepared for their children’s lunch boxes while they are wiping away their tears….

Sadly that’s not me! The only tears I’m shedding is that there are still 1381 minutes til I’m waving the last of my school age children off! In fact I have been sleeping in my party pants for days now! I’m counting down the minutes til I’m free to clean, to pop to the shop, to scratch my arse and pee in peace! Don’t crucify me as I put myself out there in saying this but I am definitely not one of those Superwomen who loves summer holidays! Let me repeat that … I. Am. NOT. One. Of. Those. Superwomen!

I am in no way bagging those wonderful women either, many of them are dear friends! In fact if anything I am actually totally jealous! They really do love this shit! But as for me I simply don’t get it and it makes me feel just a little insecure as a mother. It makes me doubt every maternal instinct I have that I do not want to spend every second breathing in the air my children breathe. I know I am lucky to have children. I know how precious and fragile life is. I enjoy fun and hanging out as much as anyone but some of the things Superwomen put out there makes me wonder if my children actually become possessed at this time. In fact it’s like a holiday house for the Devil and his mates during the summer break. It is most definitely not rainbows and sunshine. Trying to get them out of the house is a nightmare, trying to keep them in is even worse and the amount of “I’m hungry” and “I’m bored” I receive on a daily basis has me in fits of hysterical depression. It’s like someone from Disney came and stole their imagination cause they simply cannot possibly find anything at all to do, not a darn thing!

I’m being real when I say this – some days it’s really challenging! With so many personalities in this house there are always one or two clashing at regular intervals throughout the day. I don’t love spending every minute of my life with people even when they are my children, sometimes five minutes on the loo is like a five-star holiday. And when I get to that point of wanting to pull my hair out I wonder if I am the worst person in the world for wishing the holidays away.

After the particularly hard days and they are all finally asleep I reflect on my day. I sometimes wonder if I will be able to forgive their bad behavior by morning so we can start afresh. And I’m praying they’ll forgive mine! But then I tiptoe into their rooms and I see their angelic, drooling faces, and I know that I don’t have to wait til morning coz all is already forgiven. Little buggers, I’d be totally lost without them….

School now only 1367 minutes away …..

One love
DRK xxx

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