A New Jar Year

Well, I popped the top on my Memory Jar of 2013! It was an uneventful occasion but I’m not really sure what I was expecting seeing as I had already opened that lid numerous times to put the ‘memories’ in it. I guess I was kind of hoping for some fireworks, maybe a bit of inspirational music to suddenly begin playing in the background or at the very least hear a popper-like banging sound that echoes the world at 12am New Years Day. But instead the faulty clip just clicked open crookedly as normal, the pretty lace flower on the top fell off as per usual and I once again thought to myself that I should probably stick that pretty little thing back on properly (I didn’t).

But this time instead of dropping a piece of paper into the jar I finally got to tip it all out!


Clearly there are not 365 pieces of paper in there but its a damn good “first attempt” (in my opinion). I’m so glad that I committed, ahem remembered, to add memories to the memory jar because sitting down reading those colourful pieces of paper has reminded me of short moments of time that I may of otheriwse forgot. I’ve been able to have a giggle, make a few aww and nawww sounds and best of all it kinda made my heart feel all fuzzy – not hungover fuzzy but real-life-lovable fuzzy.

One of the first I read was by my usually grouchy 12 year old. He had written “I got 100% in my first Maths test” – well done mate I was proud of you then and I’m proud of you now! Then I had written one on a small pink piece of paper “Tiarna’s first kiss”. And then there’s my 9 year olds longwinded and breathless version of playing ball “Oska and I were playing soccer and Oska kicked the ball out of bounds and then I threw the ball and then I kicked the ball and then it went into the basketball hoop.” Hooley dooley mate thats sounds pretty cray-cray!! I also smiled when I see that my Mum has secretly put one in there without me knowing “Don’t forget! Nana loves you all!” And yes that includes me even though she’s not technically my Nana!

There are two in particular that I like because I remember them as if they are happening all over again. But maybe they are even funnier now then they were then, particulary the first one!  These memories could possibly be of those “You had to be there” kind but that’s not going to stop me sharing with you…..

‘Feb 2013 – Mum shaved her underarms with toothpaste instead of shaving cream!’ How is this even possible you may wonder? How on earth could a tube of toothpaste be mistaken for a bottle of shaving cream? Well in support of myself it was one of those standing-push-the-top kind of toothpastes and it was grey with aqua blue – my husbands shaving cream bottle is grey and aqua blue! It seriously (on first glance) looked like a gel shaving cream I swear!!! I know, I know, I am not sure if I would believe it either but it actually happened to me! But the best part about this memory is that it was a minty toothpaste which, let me tell you, did NOT leave a cool refreshing feeling once my husbands blunt razor had scratched its way across my underarms… No it was definitely NOT feeling minty fresh hell I was stinging like the queen bee had had a girls night with all her stinging virgin queen bees at my underarms expense! Thanks Ladies!

‘March 1st 2013 – Chevy and Mum are sitting at the dinner table. Chevy (3 years old) is eating his lunch quietly. Mum is reading her mag. Chevy looks up and asks quite innocently “Mum?”, “Yes, Chevy?”, “Mum, I’m not allowed to say Fuck Hell am I?” *Choke* *Cough* *Splutter* *Giggle* *Regain Composure* “No Chevy you’re not allowed to say Fuck Hell.” ‘ That is one of those moments that you as a parent really pat yourself on the back coz A) You managed to repeat a swearword to your three-year-old son and B) That you know somehow in between all the swearing you’ve obviously been doing is that you’re son is smart enough to know he is not allowed to say those words.

So …… A couple of real proud memories there. Maybe not memories people would display on their Facebook statuses or talk about at a Mothers Group meeting but these are real life moments in this Superwomans world minus the fluff and fake stuff. And even though I would rather my daughters first kiss to be when she’s 80 I know that when she is a mother and we are trying to recall her ‘first’ moments I will be able to pull out my Memory Jar Book Chapter One: 2013 and be able to tell her. Then, and only then, can laugh and reminicse.

Memory Jar Book

2014 will see a new jar and more memories! Its something I know so many people would get enjoyment out of and if you are one of those people then go now – empty out your coffee jar, cut a corner out of your nanas lace tablecloth (the side she doesn’t sit on) and start creating your own little jar to fill with real moments and memories. It’s worth it I promise!

One love,

DRK xxx

8 thoughts on “A New Jar Year

  1. Renee says:

    Awesome!! I particularly like the part where you suggest cutting the corner out of your nana’s lace tablecloth – the side she doesn’t sit on!!!! You crack me up and inspire me too! xxx


  2. Aussa Lorens says:

    Oh, how fun. I’ve seen a lot of people writing about how they want to do this for this year but you’re the first I’ve seen who just came off the end of doing it. I think it’s a great idea… not sure I can follow through though and don’t want to add anything else to my list of things I don’t finish 😉 Glad yours was a good list of memories though!


    • superwomanseven says:

      Well thats exciting to hear – I love to be somebody’s first! Of course you can follow through – I’m one of those people with a list of things unfinished … In fact my to do list is not even finished… 😉

      Here are my top three tips for remembering to fill the memory jar:
      1) Make it pretty and put it somewhere you see it every day
      2) Have a notebook/paper and pen ALWAYS with the jar – attach it somehow if you have to!
      3) As soon as a moment happens write it down/type it in the note section of your phone/ask the lady at the checkout for her pen and write it on your receipt – whatever you have to do, know matter where you are – just do it!

      I believe two memories are better than none… x


      • Aussa Lorens says:

        That’s really smart. I like being able to list out the good things, and I’m a big sucker for looking back… I may just have to try this. But don’t tell anyone because I’m trying to hide the fact that I’m secretly a bit of a softie 😉


      • superwomanseven says:

        Hide it under your pillow then no-one will know there is a softer side … You may not sleep very well with a jar under your head though … Oh well at least your secret is safe with me 😉


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