Memory Jar: Chapter One

A different perspective can change the life that you lead and the life that you think you lead. You and I could be looking at the exact same picture, the same person, the same portrait of a family but it’s unlikely that we will see it the same at all.

Like the business-suited man, out for lunch with his boss. He’s chosen the restaurant and desperately wants to impress. The bosses meal arrives and the business suited man sees the $45 steak as too thin, lacking seasoning, topped with wilted garnish and side serve of soggy chips. Yet a homeless person standing outside sees that steak as the most mouthwatering and exciting meal he’s probably had in years, maybe ever! In fact I bet they’d be the best damn chips he’s ever eaten too!

A woman whose just had her third child has caught her reflection in a window. She sees a rotund belly, stretch marks across her abdomen and saggy boobs – she feels her body has been ruined and she hates herself. Yet a slim, perky lady walking past sees this as a beautiful woman, one who is glowing and she sees her as lucky. Lucky because her body granted her three gorgeous kids to love and grow together through life. This slim perky lady has had IVF five times in five years resulting in two early losses and three failed attempts. She would give anything to have stretch marks on her stomach.

I know that we can’t live in other peoples shoes for our entire lifetimes but we can, once in awhile, stop and be completely grateful for whatever it is in our life that we don’t truly appreciate. It’s this time of the year when gratitude plays it’s biggest cards but it can also be a time of loneliness and heartache for others.

So to chose gratitude over despair I made a conscious decision last year to not make any New Years Resolutions. Not because I lack ambition (ahem or do I?) but because I didn’t want to end my year on disappointment. I have had the same New Year Resolutions for as long as I can remember yet I can’t remember any one in particular that I’ve succeeded at. So instead of setting myself up for a beating this year I instead made a Memory Jar. I can tell you with all honesty that it’s not bursting out of the seams and not because we didn’t have great memories but because life just got busy (and clearly some days weeks months I just forgot it was there).

I can’t wait to pop the lid of my Memory Jar on New Years Eve and have a laugh at the funny things I’ve already forgotten and get warm-fuzzy feelings all over. I’m then going paste each memory into a book and so will create the first chapter of my Memory Jar Book. Chapter Two – 2014!!!

So I encourage you too to throw away those resolutions Superwomen of the world! Start and finish your year on a high which will deliver less despair, struggles and beating yourself up during the in-between days of the year. Even if you end up with just a few memories that make you smile, a few that make you laugh out loud and a heart full of gratitude isn’t that better than the long list of resolutions you have to sit down and makes excuses for?!

One Love,
DRK xxx

3 thoughts on “Memory Jar: Chapter One

  1. Renee Mouritz says:

    Beautiful post Cristy! It does pay to see things through the eyes of others and be grateful for who we are and what we have! Happy ‘Memory Jar’ opening. I remember when you posted about your ‘Memory Jar’ at the start of the year and I thought what a wonderful idea it was. I felt a tinge of regret reading this post – that I didn’t start one too – as you anticipate opening yours come New Years! Enjoy! xxx


    • superwomanseven says:

      Thanks Renee! Definitely want to see a little more “stuffing” in my jar next year – but that’s not a resolution ha ha! Get yourself one going for 2014 but remember the beautiful photos you capture are memories you have for your lifetime too! X


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