Same Shit Different Vagina

On my newsfeed daily all I see is other peoples perceptions of beautiful women. There are continuous debates on what we should look like and discussions on what beauty should look like. Maybe, just maybe, we could all stop judging each other on our external portraits. If we are happy within ourselves why should we give a damn what the media photographs as fat or thin or what the rich and famous strive desperately to be or what anyone else’s term of beautiful means to them.

More importantly than whether we own a six pack or a pot belly is that we are living our lives the way we love to, with good intentions and a kind heart. The status of “perfection” is heartbreaking for those who have to live up to that title and for those who think they will never be anything because they aren’t that.

Beauty isn’t about being a certain size in clothing or how big your bras are. It’s not about the name brand that is stitched onto what we wear. Beauty isn’t about being a bitch to people or about being successful. Beauty is a feeling that is broadcast on the outside. It’s a confidence that you carry when you are happy, truly happy, within yourself! This is what makes a truly successful Superwoman. This is what makes her beautiful. A deep hearted laugh and a genuine glowing smile are the most beautiful things in the world! When I am confident that is when I am most vibrant and that is when I feel amazing! It also happens to be when people will compliment me – because it radiates. It’s contagious and it’s real!

I believe that it’s time that we all put the magazines down and walk away. Turn off those damn TVs and simply stop judging one another. Stop feeling good or bad because someone is fatter or thinner than you. Stop teaching our daughters that they have to be beautiful or super talented to be an asset to the world. Stop teaching our sons that a “beautiful looking” woman is the only woman of substance for his life. There’s no medal at the end of this ride of life and there is no headstone that will read “She died as a ‘beautiful looking’ woman” to go with that medal. We are all our own worst enemies with the definition of beauty being over-analysed by too many. At the end of the day we all are women. We all shit the same, wear a vagina and we will all leave our bodies behind once we die – no matter what your beliefs are!

So just be happy all of my amazing Superwomen – we are alive and we are breathing! There is nothing faulty about us! And as a gorgeous friend once told me – this is just skin to keep our insides in! Probably the truest quote I’ve ever had said to me!

One love,
DRK xxx