Going a little cray-cray

It seems nothing out of the ordinary to be so busy that you occasionally forget things, miss appointments or remember them too late. It seems quite common among Superwomen to discuss the frightening reality of being on autopilot especially while driving, arriving at your destination and thinking “Sheesh how did I even get here?” Or “Was that light even green?”

Lately I’ve been so busy that I’ve also started doing and saying things that are just a little embarrassing. And because they are just-a-little-giggle funny and not pee-your-pants-and-I’m-going-to-laugh-so-hard-at-you-until-you-are-red-faced-and-quite-uncomfortable funny I thought I would share with you… You are most welcome to share yours too…

So, the other day I’m ironing…. Like loads and loads of baskets of ironing that had accumulated and was now so crumpled that each item was unrecognizable. Halfway through….. mmm ok truth be told I was only a quarter of the way through……. Oh alright then it was only the third shirt! Ahem, so after a few shirts were ironed I got sidetracked, unplugged the iron and went and procrastinated elsewhere for awhile. On returning to my ironing I committed to getting through at least two of the baskets before I had a break this time. I managed to get to item number four before thinking to myself “Gees this is bloody hard work!” At which point I turned to see the cord from the iron dangling on the floor….. Yep not even plugged in! And that was the moment when it dawned on me …. I’m a shit ironing lady!

The other day I was meeting my girlfriends for lunch at a restaurant. I’m always early or the first to arrive so it didn’t surprise me when I arrived and nobody else was there. Half an hour later, lonely and feeling a little insecure, I call one of my friends…. Wrong restaurant! Red faced I pretended to get an urgent call and bailed on the chair I had been warming for the last half hour!

Then there was the argument that I had with my husband and kids about an animal. The rhinoceros…. I was 100% certain it was a rhinosaurus! Say it with me people … Rhino-saw-rus! Please tell me that that actually sounds like an animal coz in my crazy mind it’s real!

Then there was the time I put the iron (yes another iron story) in the fridge. When the door didn’t close because that damn cord was hanging out I realised my mistake! It wasn’t the water jug in my hand after all….

Then there are the times I’ve farted in the shopping centre and blamed the baby…. Doesn’t work so well if you’re rocking an empty trolley coz you left the baby at home with his Daddy.

These are only a little sample of embarrassing moments for me. There are so many more but they’ve got lost in the dark foggy stuff in my brain…. Until next time ….

One love,
DRK xxx

Morning cuddles

My seven month old is an early riser. It’s not something that bothers me really because with four other kids who have school or weekend sports or jobs to go to he is my little alarm clock but much cuter than some plastic thingy with flashing red lights and a high pitched siren that’s needs a heavy hand slap to be turned off!

Occasionally (like this morning) I’ll put him into bed with me for a cuddle and to maybe sneak an extra few moments of sleep. So for those who are childless you may envisage Mother and Baby in a sweet embrace, blissfully engaged in a deep sleep…. It’s a sweet image right?!

Wrong! A quick cuddle was all my babe had time for followed by some world class toenail digging into my ribs, serious hair pulling and even a bit of nose picking all while being super cute saying “dad da da”! Yep he doesn’t even have the decency to be cute and mutter “mum ma ma”….

Even when I move him as far away as I can on our king bed (without putting him in danger of falling off) he still manages to either lay horizontal enough to use his feet or he will scratch his fingernails on the head board…. Ah bliss!

All is forgiven though the moment the roller door goes up, the sun shines in and his little face lights up! It’s like he’s thinking “Yay I won! Mums up and gees I love this woman!” His smile with the two little bottom teeth grinning up at me and there’s not a person in the world who wouldn’t smile back …. This love at its greatest moment…

One love,
DRK xxx


Exposing the Truth!

I feel the need to explain the site title “Superwoman and Her Dirty Red Knickers” as I can only imagine what some minds may be conjuring up. I mentioned this very title to my Mum this morning and for someone with even less of an understanding into the blogging world than me she was rather concerned with the type of people who may “accidentally” come across me via Google. Good point really…

So to state the not-so obvious when I say “dirty red knickers” I am NOT implying to not know how to wash my underwear nor does it mean I am kinky in any way, shape or form, it doesn’t mean I will post photos of my underwear nor does it mean that red is my favourite colour….. So what is it all about??

Well, some people call me Superwoman – you know one of the many stereotypes – kids, career, volunteering, shift working husband etc etc but I am one of many! Kids or not, career or not , it doesn’t really matter. You can be a Superwoman in any facet, I guess as long as you are a woman though.

What this is about is …. Reality! The truth! Its the moments when your two-year-old sits on the floor at your local supermarket screaming blue murder, you have their snot and dribble on your “best supermarket shirt” shirt and you are copping stares from the composed parents out with their sweet well-behaved angels and you are thinking to yourself “Is this it?” “Is this all there is?!”

So I am unlocking the secret thoughts and the wondrous workings of a females brain. I’m airing the dirty laundry (including the dirty red knickers) for anyone whose willing to admit not everything is rainbows and sunshine. Our dirty little secrets are about to be exposed and I can’t wait to get some things off my chest – all in good fun, all with a lighthearted and joyful intention. And all to ensure that we women start to put down our perfection bats and quit beating ourselves with them!

So join me with a smile, a happy heart and an understanding of sarcasm in this WWW blogging journey…

One love,
DRK xx