Grow a VJJ

My life is filled with lots of rollercoaster ride-worthy moments, the type of rollercoaster where there are plenty of vertical loops and you are blindfolded! One minute I’m at the top, with lots of little moments building to this exhilarating feeling you’re having. Everything feels perfect and you are high on life. You sense that something big is coming, good or not-so good you don’t know. But you are deeply aware to expect ‘something’ to happen anytime soon and then WHAM! You’re hurtling down hill so fast that you feel like your arse is going to come heaving out of your mouth screaming “Holy shit Batman hold on!” Then as fast as that you’re halfway to the bottom but still close enough to see the top, and you know you’ve got to pick yourself up and start that climb again. You’re suffering a minor graze or two to your ego but nevertheless you’re still wearing a big fat smile on your face … After all its damn good to feel something AND you survived!

This is a ride I see so many Superwomen on. Our lives so jam packed that we are teetering close to the edge of crazy! My girlfriend and I were discussing today how we should take ourselves off to an institution – just for a holiday! They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result … Wonder if I can stop doing the washing now I’m clearly insane!

One thing I must say I am proud of though and something all of my “real” Superwomen friends also should be patting themselves on the back for is that we are strong. Of mind and of body. We get up each day and repetitively continue on. We may yell, bitch and whinge occasionally but we certainly don’t ever give up. We never throw in the towel and quit. We are always there for each other ready to listen to the other Superwomen in our lives vent about the unhelpful children or the husband lazing on the couch because we know next week it could be us saying the very same thing. We never judge but instead jump on that bandwagon until we are laughing about the stupidity of the situation. Then and only then are we armed again to tackle the rest of the day.

Which takes me to my favourite quote of all time. Originally I heard it was a Betty White quote – which made it even more entertaining – but there have been disputes that someone else actually said it first, in fact possibly a man! Regardless of whose mouth it came from or whether they had balls or not its so true and stupidly funny that even the main man in my life had a good laugh about it ….


Something to think about huh?!

One love

DRK xxx

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