My Number 4

For those who know me well know this story well too. It’s one of those stories that I am excited to tell because it makes me believe in so many things. Like fate and destiny. Like love and soulmates. It also makes me believe in all my Nanas old stories because this is going to ‘one of those stories’ played to my Grandies, on repeat, when I’m 80… And just as I do they will pretend each and every time that it’s the first time they’ve ever heard it! Probably a lot like my friends!

It’s a story that really changed my life, set me on a path I didn’t think I would ever get to travel along and it’s a story that’s as real as every little piece of me. It began with a door knocking experience. One of the most scary-out-of-my-comfort-zone things I have ever participated it, but then I’m not a thrill-seeker so it’s probably quite hum-drum to most. But along with all my phobias (see Choking on insecurities and Phobias post) I had all these crazy perceptions and fears of the reactions I would receive as a dooknocker. Like having doors slammed in my face, being yelled at and abused and having a little Toto lapdog set upon me! Yes, he may only be small enough to bite my ankles but he would have seriously damaged my pride!

Surprisingly though, people were kind. They always allowed me to speak, they politely refused but took my card and they never, not once, slammed the door in my face. There were a few houses that were empty (or playing dead) but the first door I knocked on, Number 4, just never opened up. There was music playing inisde. There was a car in the driveway. And it was blatantly obvious that someone was home, even more so because I could ‘feel’ a presence of someone behind the front door. I remember thinking that they were probably gawking at me through their peephole. But regardless of whether someone was there or not the door never opened. I self-consciously left a card and a little letter to say who I was and why I had dropped by. I was a Real Estate agent – looking to list some properties by-the-way!

It was only about 10 minutes later when my phone rang. I was clip-clopping down the street in my shiny black high heels and work uniform, paperwork under my arm, a black briefcase in my hand and fumbling to flip open the phone to answer it …. Yes, it was in the days of the flip mobile phone – the grandkids will need explaining on this one in 50 years!!! It was the guy from Number 4. Realising I wasn’t there selling vacuum cleaners or fables he had called me to say he’d like me to give his property an appraisal. He, in truth which I found out much later, had already given me an appraisal through the peephole and had liked my … ahem … shiny, black heels.

The rest – as they say – is history. In fact, I left his house that day, with the biggest, dorkiest smile on my face and rang my deadbeat boyfriend to dump him. It had been three days since I had heard from him and I knew he was on another bender so when he didn’t answer my phone call – once again – I sent him a text message that went something like this ….. ‘Hi just wondering if you are alive? I’m only asking because it would be really hard to dump you if you were dead….” Harsh? Possibly. But I have seen him since and we had a decent laugh about it. He said he totally deserved it so for someone like me who never likes confrontation or to hurt peoples feelings I felt my conscious heal right then and there! Nearly 7 years later he’s still on a bender by the way! Patting myself on my back right now … Best. Decision. EVER!!

I took a chance though with Number 4. I had no idea whether this gorgeous guy would ever even consider me because I came as a package deal … upgraded! I had three kids and a divorce under my belt. It was one of those moments though that I decided to jump! I had felt something so strong (I know it sounds full-on but its true), something that I had never felf before and I was going to explore it regardless of the outcome … But no exploration needed on my behalf – Number 4 had sussed me out within a week of my doorknocking, he knew that I had children and was still on the phone asking me out…

And so the path of my life changed. Like a bridge to something bigger and better than you could have ever imagined. Where love and respect are normal things, where you are treated like a princess and loved like a lady. Where life suddenly becomes worth more than just living….

One love

DRK xxx

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