Morning cuddles

My seven month old is an early riser. It’s not something that bothers me really because with four other kids who have school or weekend sports or jobs to go to he is my little alarm clock but much cuter than some plastic thingy with flashing red lights and a high pitched siren that’s needs a heavy hand slap to be turned off!

Occasionally (like this morning) I’ll put him into bed with me for a cuddle and to maybe sneak an extra few moments of sleep. So for those who are childless you may envisage Mother and Baby in a sweet embrace, blissfully engaged in a deep sleep…. It’s a sweet image right?!

Wrong! A quick cuddle was all my babe had time for followed by some world class toenail digging into my ribs, serious hair pulling and even a bit of nose picking all while being super cute saying “dad da da”! Yep he doesn’t even have the decency to be cute and mutter “mum ma ma”….

Even when I move him as far away as I can on our king bed (without putting him in danger of falling off) he still manages to either lay horizontal enough to use his feet or he will scratch his fingernails on the head board…. Ah bliss!

All is forgiven though the moment the roller door goes up, the sun shines in and his little face lights up! It’s like he’s thinking “Yay I won! Mums up and gees I love this woman!” His smile with the two little bottom teeth grinning up at me and there’s not a person in the world who wouldn’t smile back …. This love at its greatest moment…

One love,
DRK xxx


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