Exposing the Truth!

I feel the need to explain the site title “Superwoman and Her Dirty Red Knickers” as I can only imagine what some minds may be conjuring up. I mentioned this very title to my Mum this morning and for someone with even less of an understanding into the blogging world than me she was rather concerned with the type of people who may “accidentally” come across me via Google. Good point really…

So to state the not-so obvious when I say “dirty red knickers” I am NOT implying to not know how to wash my underwear nor does it mean I am kinky in any way, shape or form, it doesn’t mean I will post photos of my underwear nor does it mean that red is my favourite colour….. So what is it all about??

Well, some people call me Superwoman – you know one of the many stereotypes – kids, career, volunteering, shift working husband etc etc but I am one of many! Kids or not, career or not , it doesn’t really matter. You can be a Superwoman in any facet, I guess as long as you are a woman though.

What this is about is …. Reality! The truth! Its the moments when your two-year-old sits on the floor at your local supermarket screaming blue murder, you have their snot and dribble on your “best supermarket shirt” shirt and you are copping stares from the composed parents out with their sweet well-behaved angels and you are thinking to yourself “Is this it?” “Is this all there is?!”

So I am unlocking the secret thoughts and the wondrous workings of a females brain. I’m airing the dirty laundry (including the dirty red knickers) for anyone whose willing to admit not everything is rainbows and sunshine. Our dirty little secrets are about to be exposed and I can’t wait to get some things off my chest – all in good fun, all with a lighthearted and joyful intention. And all to ensure that we women start to put down our perfection bats and quit beating ourselves with them!

So join me with a smile, a happy heart and an understanding of sarcasm in this WWW blogging journey…

One love,
DRK xx

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